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Big Yvette Brown
When Dan Carter shows up for his first day on the job as a police officer, he's shocked to see that his new partner is a hulking super boobed titaness named Yvette Brown. And when it comes to beating down the bad guys, "Big Yvette" and her bulging biceps get the job done: BIG TIME.
Big Yvette Brown Issue 02
Insanely muscular super stacked cop Big Yvette Brown is back, and she's taking down a gang of rapists. Other cops might wait for a warrant, but Big Yvette's muscles give her all the authority she needs to take these bad guys on!
Mai Lin's Muscles
The war is on for which crime boss will control the city of San Francisco. And there's a new player in town : Xin Chen, crime queen of Hong Kong. Xin's San Francisco rivals might have body guard goons and guns, but Xin's got something they don't have: Mai Lin, super muscled super boobed ass-assin extraordinare! Mai Lin is a one woman army!!!!!
Mai Lin's Muscles Issue 02
Uber muscled, bubble butted, super boobed Mai Lin is unstoppable as a hypermuscled assassin! But she finds her heart drawn to a man who brings out her gentler side as well...
The Bod Squad 
The Bod Squad. A two woman fighting force of super boobed super muscled amazons, who will let nothing stand in their way!!!!
Helga Bar Room Brawler
Helga's a big girl who loves to brawl. Big Muscles. Big Tits. And when she finds that Joe's Bar has Friday Night Fights, she's eager to get in on the action !
Queen Cyborgia 
Queen Cyborgia is the perfect fusion of woman and machine. An evil super muscled cyborg intent on ruling with her steel hard fists! It's going to take another super muscled woman to stop her!
Queen Cyborgia Issue 02
Queen Cyborgia continues her iron fisted conquest of a Mexican drug cartel. And heaven help anyone who tries to stand in the way of her cybernetic super muscles!!!! Meanwhile, Sheila muscles up to take Cyborgia down... but will she be strong enough?!?!
Shannon Strong
She's a police woman. With massive muscles, tits and buns!!! Before she was just Shannon... but now... she's Shannon Strong!!!!!
Warrior Woman 
Linda's an archaeology grad student. She finds a stone circle of power that transforms her into a hulking musclebound Warrior Woman!!!
Buxom Brawler 
Julie Wilson has always been strong. And busty. But she finds herself outclassed when she gets on the bad side of the manager of an underground fighting league. What's a girl to do when some thug out-muscles her? Pump up her muscles of course!!!!
Buxom Brawler Issue 02
Julie Wilson had already been a solid martial artist and ultimate fighting competitor. But now she's also got hyper muscles and super sized tits as the newest weapons in her arsenal. And she knows how to use them....
Dream Job FMG Comic
Tim is on a quest to find the ultimate muscle super woman. When he visits Mistress Marsha's gym, he finds what he's looking for... and then some! He gets his Dream Job!!!!
Strength Stealer 
A woman uses Moon Magic to steal the strength of two stronger women who were bullying her. She becomes a living Strength Goddess of Muscles!
Parking Cars Issue 01
When an upscale gym starts seeing a dropoff in memberships, what are they to do? Hire a super busty brunette parking attendant of course! And after newly hired busty cutie Kim starts working out in the gym, one of the gym employees thinks it would be a good idea to start slipping muscle growth formula into her water bottle. Big boobed Kim starts growing some major league muscles... and the fun begins! Renders for this comic were done by Stone 3D. To see more of his work or commission him to create artwork, check out his deviant art page at
Parking Cars Issue 02
The FMG formula Kim drank really starts to kick in. As her muscles get HUGE, things start to REALLY heat up at the gym where she parks cars!!! Renders for this comic were done by Stone 3D. To see more of his work or commission him to create artwork, check out his deviant art page at
Parking Cars Issue 03
The conclusion to the Parking Cars story. Kim hulks out in a BIG way and takes over the gym! Just call it Kim's Gym from now on!!!! Renders for this comic were done by Stone3D. To see more of his work or commission him to create artwork go check out his deviantart page at
Ginger Guns Issue One
Ginger Macaulay goes from being a 120 pound 5 foot four shy red head to being... Ginger Guns!!!! A hulking huge boobed muscle superheroine! There's a new super girl in town... and her name... is Ginger Guns!!!!!
Ginger Guns Issue Two
GG's on the case, with her big boobs, big "guns" and big hammers! Go Ginger Guns!!!!
Muscle Avenger 
The evil Central Command and the insane hulking muscle female nazi Uberfrau make life in the future hard. But when a woman finds herself in the possession of super strength... she decides to fight back! Meet the Muscle Avenger!
Muscle Avenger Issue 002
The Uberfrau has grand plans... but the Muscle Avenger stands in her way!
Muscle Avenger Issue 003
The Muscle Avenger continues her quest for vengeance against the Uberfrau! Unfortunately, there are some giant robotic insects that are standing in her way....
Muscle Avenger Issue 04
The Uberfrau uses her massive steel hard boobs and hypermuscled physique to singlehandedly conquer Capitol World and install herself as its absolute ruler. It's up to the Muscle Avenger to put an end to the Uberfrau's tyrannical reign. The two super muscled super boobed muscle goddesses meet in battle to decide the fate of the galaxy!!!!
Connie's Joint 
Connie was a bouncer in bars for years. With her hulking figure, triple M cup bust and biceps the size of battleship anchors, she was well suited to busting heads in rowdy bars. But now she's decided to try running a joint of her own. And she's been using her brains instead of her brawn for the first six months that her place has been open. But when two rowdy drunks show up and start causing trouble, it's time for stop using her brains... and start using her brawn!!!! Renders for this comic were done by Stone3D. To see more of his work or to commission him to create a muscle girl fantasy of your very own, visit his deviant art page at
Biceps and Boobs
If you ever run into a woman in the gym with massive muscles and giant boobs you'd better know right away... that SHE makes the rules! It's a story of a dominant muscular woman with giant tits who rules the gym with an iron fist! Renders for this one were done by Stone3D. If you want to commission him to create a muscle girl fantasy of your very own, check out his deviant art site at
Demolition Girl 
Rex the construction worker isn't too happy when his boss fires him and replaces him with Rose on a building demolition job. Unfortunately for Rex, Rose is strong enough to rip a building down... with her bare hands!!!! Renders for this comic were done by Stone3D. To see more of his work or to commission him to create a muscle girl fantasy of your own, check out his deviant art page at
Demolition Girl Issue 02
The Demolition Girl is back! And this time she's got a construction job to finish. When Rex shows up to get revenge on Demolition Girl for the first time she put him in the hospital, he finds that once again her super muscles are far more than he can handle! Renders for this comic were done by Stone3D. To see more of his work or to commission him to create a muscle girl fantasy of your own, check out his deviant art page at
Muscle Cop Issue 01
Missy's a former female body builder who decides to become a cop. Bad guys better look out when this super strong busty amazon is walking the beat!
Muscle Cop Issue 02
Missy the Muscle Cop is back! And this time she's taking on a group of terrorists with her mega massive muscles!!!!
Give Me Your Strength
A sorceress drains two brawny men of their strength and grows some huge muscles of her own!
Give Me Your Strength Part 2
Second part of Give Me Your Strength! The sorceress drains Cedric of his strength and then uses her super muscled body to wring pleasure the hard way from her two drained victims!
Gym Girls 
When Kelly starts secretly giving her lesbian lover Shawna doses of muscle growth accelerant, Shawna starts getting big. REALLY BIG!!!! It's a sprawling tale of Female Muscle Growth with spectacular renders done by Stone3D! If you want Stone to make your FMG fantasies come true, check out his deviant art page at, where you'll find more of his work and information about how you can commission him to create renders that bring your dreams to life!
Muscle Jungle Queen
Doctor Sarah Fairchild is an anthropologist who's gone native and lives with a tribe deep in the jungle. When a poacher threatens the village where she lives, she muscles up and shows him and his hired goons who the Muscle Queen of the Jungle is!!! Renders by Stone 3D. To see more of his artwork or commission him for custom renders, check out his Deviant Art page at
Her Wish is Your Command!
Bill is house sitting for his well hung photographer friend Jesse. While Jesse heads off to a photoshoot with muscle babes galore, Bill mopes around Jesse's house. But things heat up when Bill finds a mysterious lamp. Before long he's having fun with a muscle bound genie babe. And while its Bill that initially gets three wishes, by the end of the day its really her wish that's his command! Muscle genie babe FMG action with renders by Stone 3D. To check out more of Stone's great stuff or commission him to do artwork, check out his deviant art page at
Blood Muscles 
Christa is an art collector. And an artist. And she's also... a vampiress who can grow huge muscles when she drinks blood! Sprinkled among the renders in this 51 page comic are some muscle woman sketches by talented artists Loenror and Saxxon!
The Iron Circle Issue 01
Senators and congressmen are being abducted by a shadowy society of super muscled women known only as... the Iron Circle! Renders for this comic were done by Metal-Bent. If you want to see more of his fantastic muscle women art, check out his deviant art page at
Mistress Muscles 
This femuscle comic features Maureen, a hugely muscled beauty who decides to earn a little extra cash as Mistress Muscles. Her first customer steps over the line by ripping off her clothes and beating up on her boyfriend. Maureen and her huge muscles don't take kindly to that one bit! The talented Stone3D did the renders for this comic. To see more of his art or to commission him to do a custom render you can visit his deviant art page at
Amy's New Job
Amy wants a job at the prestigious Female Muscle Admirer's Club. Only one problem... she needs some muscles! Not to worry though. The Handsome Stranger is ready willing and able to give Amy exactly what she needs to land a job! This female muscle growth comic has renders created by the talented Stone 3D. To check out more of his work or commission him for custom renders, visit his deviant art page
Sketch Artist Issue 01
A man has a very special pencil and sketch pad that turn his drawings of super muscle women into reality! The line art in this rendered comic was done by the talented Saxxon!
Candy and Kiki Muscle Girls
Candy and Kiki get an interesting job offer to become loan collectors. One of the requirements of the job is that they hulk up into gigantic muscle women with massive tits - the better to beat up those unfortunate men who are late with their loan payments! It's a female muscle growth comic with some femdom elements.
Ms. Muscles Issue 01
Spectacular debut issue of FMG Comic Superhero Ms. Muscles!!!!
Ms Muscles Issue 02
Second action packed issue of super strong Ms. Muscles!
Ms. Muscles Issue 03
Ms. Muscles has a new hairstyle... a new costume... and a new powerful enemy!
Ms. Muscles Issue 04
Sexy strongwoman superhero Ms. Muscles is challenged by hypermuscled villainess Lady Rage. It's a hypermuscled duke out between women with the strength to lift buildings!!!
Ms. Muscles Issue 05
Ms. Muscles takes on a huge firebreathing dragon and a giant robot! And an old foe returns...
Lady Rage is back! Bigger, stronger, and nastier than ever! Can Ms. Muscles this newly strength enhanced foe?!?!
Ms. Muscles Issue 07
A hectic day in the life of Ms. Muscles, FMG Super Heroine! She juggles trying to get her day job done with fighting off all the evil doers who plague her city... and she looks good doing it!
Ms. Muscles Issue 08
Ms. Muscles gets a special birthday treat from fellow superheroine Tesla Tits! But the birthday fun turns serious when massive muscle woman Dana from Ms. Muscles' home planet of Mammazonia shows up and says Ms. Muscles must leave Earth forever!
Ms. Muscles Issue 09
Ms. Muscles has an adventure in space! 10,000 ton warships are no match... for her muscles!
Ms. Muscles Issue 10
Ms. Muscles has been captured and imprisoned aboard a Sargalian Dreadnought! Can even HER mighty muscles break free of the Gravitronium chains that bind her?!?!
Ms. Muscles Issue 11
Flashback story recounting the tale of Ms. Muscles arrival on Earth and the birth of Earth's mightiest super hero!
Ms. Muscles Issue 12
The Queen of Mammazonia wants Ms. Muscles dead. And she's willing to use her otherworldly muscles to crush anyone who gets in the way of her goal! But Ms. Muscles isn't going to take this laying down... it's Muscle Time!
Ms. Muscles Issue 13
Ms. Muscles meets up with an alien engineer who is a HUGE fanboy when it comes to busty muscles. Ms. M's hypermuscled charms convince him to help her get off the desert planet where she's stranded!
Ms. Muscles Issue 14
Ms. Muscles has a busy day ahead of her. Taking on killer robots, smashing starships to scrap with her bare hands, bending ultra dense duranium rods with her hypermuscled pussy... All a typical day for M.M.!
Big Guns FMG Comic Issue 01
A frightened young woman fleeing the evil Krang Army wanders into the clutches of an evil scientist. He applies an experimental strength growth gas to her and she grows BIG GUNS!!!!
Big Guns FMG Comic Issue 02
Second installment of Big Guns!
New Sheriff In Town FMG Comic
There's a new Sheriff in town in this tale of the Old West. She has the handy talent of being able to grow gigantic muscles whenever she drinks whiskey!
Cynthia Cigar FMG Comic
Cynthia Cigar is a former professional wrestler turned muscular cigar chomping bounty hunter. She uses her huge muscles to bring in the bad guys. She plays every bit as hard as she works!
Cynthia Cigar FMG Comic Issue 02
Second issue of Cynthia Cigar! This time the muscle bound beauty heads south of the border to bring back a man with a huge bounty on his head.
Cynthia Cigar Issue 03
Cigar smoking muscle babe bounty hunter Cynthia Cigar has finally met her equal. Big Tracy is a cigar chomping big boobed muscle girl who rules a gang through intimidation and her "fists of steel" !!! When Cynthia tries to take "Big T" in, the two muscle bound cigar smoking babes duke it out to see who's the toughest! Women beating up guys, catfight action... its a cigar smoking muscle bound babe brawl royale!
Birth Of Starbolt FMG Comic
In this second part of the Strike Maiden vs Iron Tiger saga, Strike Maiden decides its time to pump up her muscles to even the playing field. Luckily she's got a friend who works at a high tech lab and who can help her use advanced science to achieve super muscles! She rewards her friend with an intimate FMG sexual encounter he'll never forget!
Iron Tiger versus Strike Maiden FMG Comic Issue 1
First issue of Iron Tiger versus Strike Maiden! Iron Tiger is a beautiful and dangerous asian super criminal who can hulk out into a titaness at will thanks to the magic of biochemistry and her modified adrenal gland. Strike Maiden is a superheroine who finds herself seriously outclassed by Iron Tiger's strength. Strike Maiden has to decide whether its time for her to hulk up as well...
Tanya The Titaness FMG Comic
Tanya grows from a meek office worker into a hulking titaness of a woman - Tanya the Titaness!
Greek Muscle Girl
Annette flies to Greece to research her Archaeology PhD Thesis about the ancient Athenian Priestesses of Strength. She finds a strength in herself while there that she didn't know she had
Cocoa and Cream FMG
Two women have the rare genetic marker that makes them able to undergo a new experimental strength enhancement procedure. They get enlisted as super strong female agents to fight for good. Their codenames: Cocoa and Cream, the Fighting FMG Team!!!
Cocoa and Cream Issue 2
Issue number two of Cocoa and Cream, the fighting FMG team! The two muscle bound beauties set off on their first mission!
Cocoa And Cream FMG Issue 3
Cocoa and Cream, the Fighting FMG Team, go up against hypermuscular Anna in an earthshattering Battle Royale!
FMG Giantess Keiko
Keiko's latent ability to take in kinetic energy and use it to grow huge muscles and expand to giantess size manifests on her 18th birthday. To her surprise, as she walks around the city encountering things like car crashes and jackhammering, she grows and grows! This story fills a request made on the Members Request Board
Muscle Milk
Gina has tried workout out at the gym to pump up her muscles but has had limited success. That changes in a big way when she starts using Muscle Milk! And pretty soon in addition to getting a muscle goddess body with big boobs, she starts producing some "Muscle Milk" of her own. Its a tale of FMG and lactation!
Rebecca Steele 
Rebecca Steele, a character from, makes an appearance in a comic here at Strong and Stacked by permission of her creator Chacho! Ms. Steele uses her powerful muscular and super busty body to dominate all the men around her in this her first guest appearance here at Strong and Stacked!
Circus Strong Women
Carla is the strong and stacked Circus Strongwoman at the circus where muscle lover Dave works. When Carla's daughter Candy shows up at the circus wanting body building training from her mom, Dave is treated to a first row seat watching Candy get stronger and stronger and stronger during her training. He also gets some private muscle shows from these two hot circus strongwomen!
Circus Strongwomen Issue 02
In this second issue of Circus Strongwomen, Muscle Milf Carla is reunited with her lost daughter Lisa. And my how Lisa has grown. She's a full fledged mountain of muscle! Carla and her two daughters Lisa and Candy put on a scorching hot muscle pose show to show off everything they've got!
Circus Strong Women Issue 03
The Circus Strongwomen are back! Carla and Candy are stronger than ever, and sexier than ever as they pump up in preparation for their new gig!
Circus Strongwomen Issue 04
The circus strongwomen prepare to leave the circus... but find that saying good bye is harder than they thought...
Circus Strongwomen Issue 05
Carla has a great idea for continuing to work at the circus and at the same time bringing her daughters together... merge the two circuses! All it takes is a little persuasion on the part of her and her busty muscle daughters to convince the owners of the circuses to do it!!
Linda VS Reptile Aliens FMG
Linda from Kansas has to fight off an invasion of reptile aliens! Lucky for her a kind alien grants her the strength she'll need to protect Kansas and Earth!
Tammy Grows Muscles
Tammy's always wanted to try female body building. And one long summer in the gym gives her a spectacular muscle goddess body that has Dave awestruck and in love. This is an FMG comic I did to fill a member request for a muscle woman comic that is less about Femdom/woman grows muscles and dominates/wipes out all the males and more about a "gentle giant" amazon. So in this one there's a focus on muscle growth, but Tammy's mostly sweetness. Not much femdom in this one by request. Hope you enjoy it.
High Priestess Of Strength
A woman becomes High Priestess to the Goddess of Strength and is rewarded with a hulking muscular physique. She proceeds to crush and dominate any and all men she encounters!
Janaya, FMG Goddess of Strength
Janaya has been a subservient female for all her life, dominated by the male members of her tribe. But exposure to a strange meteor changes all that when she turns into a Goddess of Strength and turns the tables, big time!
College Girls FMG
Two college girls decide to participate in the first trial of an experimental strength enhancing drug. They end up becoming muscle goddesses who dominate everyone around them!
Drug Muscle Goddess
Fiona is a female mercenary for hire who falls into a vat of an experimental raw unprocessed drug and grows muscles befitting a goddess as a result!
Mitsuyo Muscle Girl
Mitsuyo is a female martial artist who has mastered her chi to the point where she can induce gargantuan muscle growth whenever she desires. She and her busty girlfriend Chinatsu travel the Japanese countryside beating up men and taking their money.
Muscle Girls
A meek researcher uses her brains to develop a formula that will give her brawn in a BIG way. She teams up with two super muscled gal pals and the super strong trio use their muscle goddess bodies to take whatever they want!
Dark Valkyrie
Dark Valkyrie is a Super Villainess who wants to be hired as the chief enforcer of the criminal boss Crimelord. Her "interview" involves showing off her muscle growing powers and using them to beat the living shit out of her male competitor for the job, the Grey Gladiator! Combat always makes Dark Valkyrie horny, and after pummeling Grey Gladiator into submission she has her way with him.
Prison Gal
When super muscled Darla shows up to serve her sentence in prison, she decides to use her incredible strength to dominate the other prisoners and the warden as well
Muscle Goddess CEO
Dr. Kate Samsel is a scientist who specializes in researching strength enhancement in women. She's tired of being a mere employee at Enhancetek Corporation and decides to make a power grab to become CEO. Having a supercharged muscle body gives her the power she needs to dominate her way up the corporate ladder to the topmost rung!
Mother Russia
When a man sets up an appointment with a super muscular escort who goes by the name Mother Russia, he gets a whole lot more than he bargained for! She ends up being more woman than any mere man can handle.
Dragon Mistress FMG
Two men have searched the land for the evil Dragon Mistress who murdered their Sensei. They've caught up with her, but her karate skills and muscle growth power prove too much for the two of them to handle!
Temple Priestesses FMG
Two barbarians trespass on the sacred grounds of the Temple of the Goddess of Feminine Strength. The two beautiful priestesses who guard the temple pump up into hulking super muscled amazons and use the unfortunate trespassers to satisfy their considerable sexual appetites!
Muscle Gals Mob (Issue 1)
Meet super busty muscle girl Becky Sawaguchi. She's half Asian, half Anglo, and 100 percent ass kicker! Becky works as an enforcer / muscle woman for a mysterious employer named Lady Ironfist. Becky is sent to abduct a mob accountant named Lance Thomas. She decides to get in a fun workout for her muscle bod by beating up the henchmen guarding Lance.
Muscle Gals Mob (Issue 2)
In this issue of Muscle Gals Mob, muscle women Becky Sawaguchi and Stacy McDowell abduct mob accountant Lance Thomas and bring him back to their employer, the mysterious Lady Ironfist. They find a thug snooping around Lady Ironfist's secret hideout and deal with him as only a pair of super muscled mob women can. After that we meet Lady Ironfist and see firsthand her special talent for Female Muscle Growth...
Muscle Gals Mob (Issue 3)
The Muscle Gals Mob saga continues. Mob accountant Lance Thomas used to work for Mr. Big, but now works for powerful Lady Ironfist whether he likes it or not. She aims to become new leader of the criminal underworld. Lady Ironfist's well muscled henchwomen, Becky Sawaguchi, has a weightlifting fuck session with Lance. And muscle henchwoman Stacy McDowell shows off her unbelievable strength to show Lance he works for Lady Ironfist or gets crushed!
Raven - Muscle Vampiress (Issue 1)
Raven is a vampiress with enormous boobs. And when she feeds, she grows enormous muscles! In this issue she lures an unfortunate victim to her using her dynamite chest, then pumps up her muscles by feeding on him.


Dairy Goddess 
Karen works at Dairy Science Incorporated, researching ways to genetically enhance cows to produce more milk. She turns her keen intellect to more rewarding work... genetically enhancing herself to have massive beachball sized tits and a godlike intellect with mind control powers. Karen becomes... the Dairy Goddess!!!
Big Buns, Big Bazooms
Stephanie's friend Shanice has a bubble butt and big boobs. And Steph would love some killer curves of her own. Her apothecary aunt gives her a special recipe to spur butt and boob growth, but Steph accidentally mixes up too much of it. The next thing she knows, she's got... Big Buns, Big Bazooms!!!!!
Big Buns Big Bazooms Issue 2
Formerly small and shy Steph has become a Buns-N-Boobs Monster! Her friend Shanice is jealous of these big ballooning buns and bazooms. What's an overshadowed girl to do? Super-size of course!!!!
Dr. Boobers 
Doctor Boobers is a military research scientist who leads the W.B.A.B.S. program - Weaponized Buns and Boobs!!! Her research has led to her own tits ballooning into mouthwatering triple M cup megaboobs, and her protege Holly has boobs and buns that can expand to gargantuan sizes on command!!!! When an army general decides to try to shut down the W.B.A.B.S program, Doctor Boobers and Holly use their massive "assets" to make sure their project will continue, no matter the cost!!!!
Silicone Dream Queen
Barbara is a stripper who wants to get out of the business and go to beautician school. Mike is a big fake tits and ass fanatic who realizes Barbara's soft supple skin could handle GINORMOUS breast and butt implants. When Mike offers to pay for Barbara's augmentation plus some spending money, she reluctantly agrees. But as she gets bigger... and bigger... Barbara's attitude on huge fake tits and buns changes. And she takes on the stage name... Barbie Balloons!!!!! It's a tale of BE and ButtEx through silicone!
Silicone Dream Queen
Barbie Balloons, the sexy Silicone Dream Queen is back... and she's BIGGER than ever!!!
Shy Body Sculptor
Sharon is a shy girl who is studying sculpting at an art college. She meets another student named Greg - a sketch artist who loves drawing Sharon in a way that depicts her with rather large... assets. Something magical happens, and Sharon finds herself starting to look like Greg's sketches... Breast Expansion and Butt Expansion in this one!
Magic Boobies 
Sarah's great aunt just passed away, and left her an intriguing book full of spells. When Sarah decides to recite one of the incantations in the book, she grows beachball sized magic boobies!!!!
Magic Boobies Issue 002
Sarah's friend Jenny shows up at her apartment and wants big magic boobies and a bubble butt too! After Sarah uses her magic to pump Jenny up, Jenny decides to strut her huge tits and sweetbuns around the neighborhood while guys stare!!!!
Magic Boobies Issue 03
Sarah and her big Magic Boobies get some unexpected help from Shadow the talking cat. Sarah's big bazoombas catch the eye of the local police chief and big booby fun ensues...
Magic Boobies Issue 004
The Magic Boobies saga continues! Jenny uses her big new Buns and Boobies to make every man she meets turn to putty in her hands!
Magic Boobies Issue 05
Serena the evil Tit Witch makes her first appearance. She uses her nearly car-sized Super Tits and evil Booby Magic to spread mischief through the land!
Big Fake Boob Star
Samantha is having trouble landing acting jobs. When she finally lands a tiny role in a B Movie, the big fake titted star of the movie gives her some essential career advice. To get bigger roles... you need bigger boobs!!!!
Big Fake Boob Star
Samantha shows up for her first day of filming, sporting her new 4500 CC Triple K Cup titties! The director is a big fake boob fanatic, and its not long before Sam's using her huge fake boobies to wrap him firmly around her finger!
The Dairy Queen
Laurie has big growing boobs. That squirt copious amounts of milk. But not just any milk. Mind control milk...
The Dairy Queen Issue 02
Laurie's big boobies just wont stop growing! And they won't stop spurting gallons and gallons of sweet mind control milk. Not that Laurie's complaining...
Sindy Spheres 
From timid flat chested Sindy Smith to massive busted flirt Sindy Spheres!!!! A tale of gigantic round silicone filled boobs!!!!
College Boobs 
Poor Shawna and Kelly have the smallest tits in their sorority. On top of that, they're stuck on a Saturday having to clean up a chemistry laboratory. Their fortunes change when Shawna accidentally spills some chemicals that mix together to give the girls HUMUNGOUS tits!!!!!
College Boobs Issue 02
Shawna and Kelly just got HUMUNGOUS buns and boobs - and boy are they eager to start using them... to get good grades!!!!
Bowling Boobies 
Deena works at a bowling alley... and she wants BOOBS as BIG as bowling balls! BE via breast implants and a bigger fake booty too makes Deena one happy girl !
Bowling Boobies Issue 02
Deena's buns and breasts quest continues! She gets a 7000 cc MM cup boob job and has her booty injected with silicone to the point where her buns are as big as bowling balls!
Bowling Boobies Issue 03
Deena just can't get enough of having her tits and ass pumped up with GALLONS of silicone!!! The big fake buns and boobs queen reaches a pinnacle of size that takes every man's breath away!!! It's Breast Expansion and Butt Expansion via huge silicone implants!!!
Succubus Issue 01
Lilith has the ability to grow big huge boobies. And she'll let you play with them for a small price... your eternal soul!
Succubus Issue 02
Lilith's a bad girl with HUMUNGOUS tits. She brings out the worst in people, and if you want to fuck and suck her monster MMM cups... you may have to sell your soul!!!!
Colossal Cannonballs 
Boob obsessed private Eye Sam Jones gets the case of his dreams when Connie Cannoballs struts her huge tits into his office and offers him a big job!
Galaxy Queen 
She plans to become queen of the galaxy! A daunting task, but with her sexy growing super boobies she's got a shot at it!
Barbara was an orphaned girl, left to grow up alone in the jungle after her parents died in a plane crash there. But she grows into a woman with super sized boobs - Boobina, protector of the jungle!
Boobina Issue 02
More adventures with Boobina, Titqueen of the Jungle!!!!
Carol Cannonballs 
When the economy goes sour, poor Carol loses her programming job and is having a hard time paying the bills. She finally decides to become a stripper, but her flat chest and ass aren't getting her many lapdance customers. But after she has a couple of massive boob jobs and has her ass done too, the big boob bubble butt beauty starts makin' tons of cash as... Carol Cannonballs!!!!!
Dream Job 
Imagine a job where you had to fuck women who had enormous tits that grew bigger and bigger as you fucked them. Wouldn't that be... a dream job?!?!?
Agent Boobski 
She's a Russian spy with a special talent. She can expand her boobs at will into super sized sexy spheres that can deal out pleasure... or pain! Her name is Alexandra Rusakova. But her callsign is... Agent Boobski!!!!
Agent Boobski Issue 02
The Boobskis are back!!! Russian super spy Agent Boobski uses her Soviet engineered super boobs to try to infiltrate... the Syndicate!
Silicone Sistahs 
Cassie has a huge pair of fake tits. 1200 cc triple f cup whoppers to be exact! When her friend Kim sees how much fun a pair of big fakies can be, she's just gotta pump up too. And thus the sexy adventures of the ever growing silicone sistahs begin!
Silicone Sistahs Issue 02
Kim already has triple F cup tits. 1600 cc's of big fake titty fun! But she wants more. A LOT more. A quick trip to the doctor brings this silicone sistah up to 4000 CC double K cups. And the sky's the limit from there!
Rich Tits 
Mrs. Vanderbilt is a woman with lots of money... and with a desire for HUGE fake tits! She's willing to pay to have her tits pumped up to 12,000 cc's... and wants to have sex while she's getting them done! Andrew is a young boob doctor who is only too happy to oblige her! It's a tale of breast expansion via breast implants! Featuring the self styled "Rich Bitch with the Big Tits!"
Titty Titaness 
Tina is sad because some busty mean girls at her community college tease her about her flat chest and short height. She turns the tables when the Handsome Stranger shows up and gives her an elixir that turns her into the Titty Titaness! Ten feet tall with boobs the size of beachballs!!!! Renders for this comic were done by Stone 3D. To see more of his fantastic work, check out his deviant art page at
Chesty Crusader Issue 01
She's a B.E. superhero! Meet... the Chesty Crusader!
Chesty Crusader Issue 02
The super buxom Chesty Crusader boobs into action against an evil robot gang!
Tit Witch Issue 01
What's an evil tit witch to do when she's about to be executed at the Salem Witch Trials? Weave a time spell to escape to our present day of course! When she arrives with her humungous boobs full of menacing boob magic, taking over a town is childs play. Can anyone stop this huge hootered evil sorceress?
The Tit Witch Issue 02
Sarah Bridges. A Tit Witch of immense power who escaped the Salem Witch Trials with a time spell that brought her into present day! With her super boobs and tight jeans ass, can any man resist falling under her big boob spell?!?!
Chloe's Boob Job
When Jenny gets a breast augmentation that gives her a pair of Double D's, poor Chloe watches helplessly as Jenny basks in attention. But Chloe gets even, and then some, when she gets a series of breast augmentations that culminate in a pair of mighty 15,000 cc implant monsters! Breast Expansion by breast implant, with renders done by Stone3D! If you enjoy Stone 3D's work and want to see more of it or want to commission him to do a custom render for you, check out his page at
Dweeb Quest 
Ted and Arnold are two nerdy software engineers on a quest to find some big booby love. When they stumble onto a formula for causing women's breasts to grow, they think life is going to be roses. But they just can't seem to catch a break...
Big Balloons 
Connie's boyfriend Frank has a big fake tit fetish. And poor Connie watches as Frank ogles other big boob bimbos. What's a girl to do when she doesn't want to lose her lover? SUPERSIZE!!!! Watch Connie get humungous breasts through breast augmentation... big time!!!! It's BE via Breast Implants in a big way!
Casino Girl
Susie's a stripper in Vegas. She can't stop visiting the boob doctor to get pump ups. And after a while she starts having him put more junk in her trunk with huge butt implants too. The sexy super boober struts her big 14,000 cc implants and huge fake bubble butt into a casino where she uses her charms to get more money than she could have dreamed of at the strip club! It's BE and butt pump ups via implants. Big fake boobies and booties rule in the comic Casino Girl!
Bimbo Virus Issue 01
A researcher at a biotech firm creates a very special designer virus which turns women into big boobed bimbos crazed for hot sex. His first test subject is another worker at the company, and the virus works on her with absolutely spectacular results!
Bimbo Virus Issue 02
The Bimbo Virus continues to spread via tit milk, turning more women into huge boobed airhead bimbos!
Bimbo Virus Issue 03
The bimbo virus infects a new victim who grows gigantic boobies and a bubble butt - meet Miss Sweetcheeks!
Bimbo Virus Issue 04
The conclusion of the Bimbo Virus saga!
There's Always A Price
Linda and Amanda are two normal women who live in the same city. Things start to get interesting when a strange man visits each of them and bestows upon them humungous tits. How will these two ladies use their new found "assets"?
Miss Titz Issue 01
Miss Titz is the creative writing teacher at a small college. She uses her gigantic tits to keep class discussions intriguing and convinces one student, poor flat chested Sindee, to visit the boob doctor and supersize!
Miss Titz Issue 02
Mega titted college teacher Miss Titz and her star student Sindee get their already massively implanted boobs pumped up to even more enormous sizes! It's breast expansion via boob job, in a BIG way!!!
Miss Titz Issue 03
Miss Titz recently pumped up to 20,000 cc breast implants. And her pupil Sindee isn't far behind! The two megatitters go on a cruise where they use their monster sized breast implants to fuck all the big cock guys they can find!
Miss Titz Issue 04
Miss Titz and Sindee have strutted their super sized implant tits onto a cruise ship, and the lucky hung like an ox football couch and his players are treated to a giant fake titty fucky sucky session with the two booby beauties!
Miss Titz Issue 05
Final installment in the Miss Titz BE Comic series
Hypnotits Issue 01
Dr. Hypnotits is a woman who has mastered the art of hypnosis. She's used it to give herself massive monster titties and also to induce enormous tit growth in others. And now she's ready to go on a crime spree using her super hooters and hypnosis. It's bank robbery using tit power!!!
BE Giantess Mai Comic
Special cross posting of a Breast Expansion Giantess comic from our sister site Mai is a petite Asian housedancer at a strip club who envies her big busted tall coworker. She visits a Chinese apothecary who gives her a potion that causes her to grow into a gigantic titted giantess!
On Halloween two real witches watch Elvira Mistress of the Dark hosting a horror show and decide they want to take her job. The two of them cast spells to give themselves gigantic boobs and then duke it out to see who'll be the new Mistress of the Dark!
BE Dryads 
Three Dryads launch an eco terrorism raid on a chemical factory at the edge of their forest. In the process they get exposed to a plant growth chemical at the plant which cases their boobs to grow to colossal sizes! This story fills a request made on the Members Request Board
BE Dryads Issue 2
In this continuation of the original BE Dryads story, poor Naedra the Dryad is a bit of an airhead. But with Fox's help she pumps her titties up to a colossal size by filling them with magic!
BE Dryads Issue 03
Third installment in the B.E. Dryads series! Naedra finds some new busty dryad recruits!
B.E. Dryads Issue 04
Fourth installment of B.E. Dryads! Brad's lucky day just keeps getting better and better as Selina and Brenda try to outboob each other!
B.E. Dryads 05
More breast and butt expansion antics in the woods!
Priestess of Discordia BE Comic
Jane Thompson is a professor of Roman Mythology at a small college. But she's also secretly a high priestess of the evil goddess Discordia. And she has gigantic tits that seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. Will she use her colossal growing tits to utterly dominate the college for her goddess, or can anyone stop this huge boobed menace?
Tea Tits BE Comic
A man makes the long journey to the legendary Tea Tits Brothel, a place where women have trained their bodies to absorb a special tea into their breasts when they drink it. The lucky traveller finds himself in big boob nirvana as two of the Tea Maidens engorge their tits to the size of overbloated pontoons and use them to smother him in huge booby pleasure
Quest For 10,000 CC Breast Implants
This is a Breast Expansion comic where the expansion mechanism is realistic - namely BE through breast implants! This story came in response to a member request for a long Breast Expansion comic focusing on a woman who becomes obsessed with expanding her boobs through repeated breast augementations to finally obtain 10,000 CC Breast Implants! The result of this member request is this 62 page comic featuring Brenda - a girl who's determined to keep pumping up her tits to the delight of her breast obsessed boyfriend.
Missy Megatits BE Comic
Kim Tennant isn't having much luck getting a part on Broadway so she decides to get a boob job. It turns out to be much, much, much more than she could have ever expected!!!
Dekapai BE Comic
The spirit of Dekapai, a busty concubine in ancient Japan, is alive and well in a busty statue in the Asian Museum of History. When a young Asian woman visits the museum, she is possessed by the spirit and her juggs grow larger than watermelons!!!
T Club 
College girls Missy and Stacy are members of the "T Club", where the minimum size requirement is double d! The girls want even bigger boobs, and together with new member Amy they set off on a quest to pump their bazongas up to humungous proportions!
Boob Princess
The Prince of Castle Greytower announces that he will visit the small village of Greenfeld in search of a bride. It is well known that the prince's tastes tend toward women with bulging bazooms. The competition is on between village gals Rebecca and Cynthia to see who can grow bigger boobs in time for the prince's visit!
Sheila Gets Implants
Sheila finds her boyfriend's stash of big boob magazines, then decides she'd like to get a massive breast augmentation. Both she and her boyfriend are VERY pleased with the results!
Wanda Wetnurse 
Poor Juanita experiences gigantomastia, and she frets as her breasts blow up to the size of beachballs and beyond. She also begins producing copious quantities of milk. She experiences a change of heart about her breasts when she realizes that a pair of milk spurting biggies can be a girl's best friends! She transforms from little old Juanita into Wanda Wetnurse!
Miss Joan BE Comic
Miss Joan on a Breast Expansion adventure in the old west! Miss Joan appears here with permission of his original creator Sam. You can find lots more Miss Joan at his website
Mistress Milkjuggs 
Ken Freeman is a freelance writer. He stumbles onto a plot for government takeover, spearheaded by elephantine-titted Mistress Milkjuggs and her super titted henchwomen!
Vampiress Versus Demoness BE Comic
Alice isn't your typical big boobed model. She's a Vampiress who sucks blood to grow her tits to huge sizes and then goes to night photoshoots to grace the pages of a big boob magazine. Things are going well for her until another big boob model shows up at the magazine for night shoots. And this one is a demoness! Its Breast Expanding knock down drag out fighting action between a vampiress and a demoness!
Boobs And Butt Expansion Bondage Comic
This comic is a little different than most of the other Breast Expansion comics I've done. Most of the time I make the woman who undergoes Breast Expansion be dominant and controlling. But there was a member request for a comic where the woman undergoes breast and butt expansion and is submissive and gets dominated by a man. So this comic fills that request.
Devil's Wager 
Once upon a time, a mischevious demoness with huge tits made a bet with an angel that she could corrupt a city with her evil tit milk...
Mama Tits
Jenna has a rough time when she starts dancing at a strip club. She's teased by another dancer at the club who has bigger tits. But when Mama Tits lets Jenna drink some of her tit milk, Jenna's boobs blow up into beachballs and she becomes the most popular dancer at the club!
Killer Tits
Nova is a mercenary for hire and she's got a hunger for always improving and modifying her body to make herself more deadly. She's already got razor sharp nanotech claws, but now she wants a pair of even deadlier weapons : boobs that she can expand on demand into steel hard wrecking ball sized killer tits!
Ana Maria Bustos
Second issue featuring Ana Maria Bustos, a Latina who has grown a pair of gigantic gazongas with the help of an ancient idol. She uses her big bazooms to captivate every man she meets, and gets a new car, money, and much more as a result!
Ana Maria Bustos
Ana Maria Bustos is a Latina who sports a big full pair of beautiful E cup boobs. She uses her ample chest to get guys to do her homework and get what she wants. But she wants more. MUCH more. So when she discovers that an ancient idol has the power to give her HUMUNGOUS megatits, she's more than eager to go for it!
Kill the Sorceress Part 1
A human barbarian and a big boobed elven princess set out on a mission to take out an evil sorceress who can magically grow her own boobs to epic proportions
Kill the Sorceress Part 2
The conclusion of the two part saga of a human barbarian and a big boobed elven princess on a mission to take out an evil sorceress who can magically grow her own boobs to epic proportions
Boob Doctor BE
Sue is a super busty doctor who specializes in breast augmentations. She's also got a thing for other girls, especially those with burgeoning bosoms. When Dianne shows up at the augmentation clinic and wants to supersize her tits, Sue is only too happy to oblige. After the pump up, the two ladies get up close and personal with one another.
Boob Vampiresses (Issue 1)
Shanna is a fledgling vampiress. Her mistress is the vampiress Grace. Shanna learns from Grace how to hunt, and how to use the lifeblood gained to pump up the size of her tits to absolutely mind boggling proportions! The two vampiresses spend a night cavorting through the city, hunting as they please, growing their tits along the way and pleasuring each other!
Strip Club Implants
Joe has always been a boob man. Specifically, an into-fucking-gigantic-implants kind of boob man. Now he has the chance to experience real life BE by footing the bill for two strip club housedancers to get saline expandable implants. He has a long session with them involving sex and titfucking while their big funbags grow and grow!
Tit Villains And Heroes (Issue 1)
Ice Juggs is a super villainess who can expand her boobs to gigantic proportions and spray deadly freezing milk out of them. Her partner in crime Boob Sting has the power to grow her boobs at will too, and also can use her "stingers" (gigantic spike like growing nipples!) to inject victims with her venom like tit milk. Together, the two of these super boob villains decide to knock over a bank. The armed guards who try to stop them don't have a chance against their super booby powers!
Big Boobs Executive (Issue 1)
Susie Wilson just can't stop getting breast augmentations. She goes from a D Cup, to an FFF Cup, to an MMM Cup (!!!), using her increasingly large bosom to dominate men and climb her way to the top of the corporate ladder. This comic was created in response to a request for a BE comic that was themed around "real world" BE (ie: Breast Augmentation) so here it is. Note that if you have any specific requests, send them to
Big Boobs Executive (Issue 2)
Susie Wilson continues to dominate men in the business world with her triple M cup bust. But when she steals Pam Golceff's lucrative executive secretary job, Pam decides to fight back by getting a gigantic pair of melons of her own. This comic was created in response to a request for a BE comic that was themed around "real world" BE (ie: Breast Augmentation) so here it is. Note that if you have any specific requests, send them to
Boob Size Stealer
Sasha wants to join the Double Delta Sorority, but a couple of Double D sisters tell her that she needs a bigger chest to join. After the big boobed sorority sisters give Sasha a hard time, she uses a mass stealing device she's created in physics lab to steal their boob size and use it to pump hers up to gigantic proportions!


Riding Miss Joan
Miss Joan from makes another guest appearance in this comic here at Poor huge titted Joan is always wandering into misadventures in the Old West...
Juggs Jane and Miss Joan
Miss Joan of fame guest stars in this comic tale of a big bust showdown in the Old West! Joan meets the Outlaw Juggs Jane and Tonta while they are trying to rob a store. Miss Joan appears as a guest star courtesy of her creator, Sam. Check out lots more Joan stuff at and
Juggs Jane and Tonta (Issue 1)
Go on an adventure in the Old West. The Outlaw Juggs Jane has absolutely humungous breasts which spray fountains of milk whenever she desires. "Iron Squaw" Tonta is an American Indian muscle woman with the strength of 10 Indian Braves. Together they are an unstoppable duo who go from town to town on a crime spree taking what they please. In this issue, Juggs Jane and Tonta rob a saloon and have some fun with the barkeep and a customer while they're doing it.
Juggs Jane and Tonta (Issue 2)
In this second issue the Outlaw Juggs Jane and "Iron Squaw" Tonta take down a Stagecoach. They want the cash, and they want to have some fun with the two men they find in the StageCoach. Juggs Jane uses her jumbo sized milk melons to overwhelm the guys while Tonta just uses her raw strength to have her way with them. As a bonus - Tonta's origin story, the explanation of how she became an Iron Squaw with the strength of 10 braves!