The Hasbro My3D is a Stereoscopic 3d viewer that you can snap your Iphone or Ipod Touch into and then view 3d content. The original intent of the My3D viewer was to provide a cheap way to compete with the Nintendo 3DS for 3D gaming. But really I think that by far the best thing about the My3D is that you can use it to view movies and images in stereoscopic 3d on your iphone or ipod touch.

Now the content has to be properly generated for compatible viewing with the My3D, but it turns out that's not so hard to do. So I have created some animations and images in the proper format so that you can view them in stereoscopic 3D through the My3D viewer on your iphone or ipod touch. It's pretty awesome seeing humungous tits bouncing around in real 3d in your face! And watching a hugely muscled fmg animation in live 3D is quite a sight to see!

If you want to view these images and animations in stereoscopic 3D here's what you'll need:
  1. A Hasbro My3D stereoscopic viewer. You can find these for about 25 bucks at various places like Target and Amazon.
  2. An Iphone 4 or an Ipod Touch 4th Generation.
  3. For the 3d images, what you'll need to do is simply get them onto your iphone/ipod touch and then view them. So that could be through itunes sync or however you normally move photos onto your iphone/ipod. So you can use itunes to do it, or if you're like me and you don't like using itunes you can use Disk Aid coupled with FileApp Pro instead.
  4. For the animations , same thing. Put them onto your device through itunes sync or however you normally put animations onto your device. (Again, there are itunes alternatives like DiskAid/FileAppPro and others)
  5. Snap your iphone or ipod into the My3D viewer, and enjoy! All you have to do is view the images through Camera Roll or whatever your favorite image viewer is on your device. And for the animations, same thing.


  1. Image Set 001



FMG Animation. FMG Fun in the weight room!
FMG Animation. Wonder Woman FMG!
FMG/BE Animation. Massive Muscle growth in the Temple of Muscles!


BE Animation. Statue gives priestess SuperBoobs!