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Muscling In
A pair of high tech gloves turn a petite woman into a supercharged FMG muscle woman! This story was written by the very talented Echo Wing. To read more of his work, check out his deviant art page at
Big Jane 
Jane's a big girl who loves to lift weights. But she wants to be bigger. Much bigger. When her friend calls and offers to give her some muscle growth pills, Jane is only too delighted to take them. When Jane starts pumping iron after popping the pills, the sky's the limit on her muscle and boob growth! Artwork for this story comes from the incredible Manthomex. Check out more of his amazing FMG artwork and buy commissions from him on his deviant art page


Titfucking San Diego
Two beach babes undergo BE and then titfuck San Diego!!! Story is accompanied by some fantastic B.E. drawings done by Wayne Miller Jr
Molly's Melons 
Molly is a bookwormish woman who is a software engineer by day and a volunteer at the library by night. But when she gets bigger and bigger breast implants, she finds that her confidence blooms like a flower! Renders for this story were done by Stone 3D. To see more of his artwork or to commission him to do a custom render, check out his deviant art page And drawings for this story were done by FemForteFan. You can check out more of his art at his deviant art page
A Shower Full
During the week, Traci is a serious lawyer. A professional career woman with a B cup bra size and a mild demeanor. But when the weekend rolls around she's ready to have some busty fun. And her weekend's always start with her using her special talent... she can pump up her tits to HUGE sizes by filling them with water in the shower! Artwork for this story is by the very talented BritBE. Check out more of his fantastic BE drawings at his deviant art page